All The Comforts Of Home

It’s a social setting at A Paw Above.
We go above and beyond to make sure your pet feels
welcome and safe. Dogs are housed in individual, custom-size rooms
with leather couches, fluffy blankets and plenty of toys
to keep them comfy and entertained.
You might say it’s like going from your living room to ours.

$50 per night

(Must provide food & proof of vaccination
10% discount for multiple dogs on Daycare & Boarding)

Pets are never confined and
never left alone. Our private, fenced-in, 3,000-square-foot
yard offers ample outdoor space with room to roam,
Play on special grass-like turf, or even splash
around in safe kitty pools. 
Our staff likes the outdoors, too, which means
someone’s always keeping an eye on activities.

Feeding time? Pack your pet’s favorite food
when he or she checks in. 
Feeding is always done on a one-on-one basis,
no co-mingling allowed. Special diets?
We’ll mix, microwave or chop
to your pet’s requirements and taste,
and feed on their schedules.

From Your Pet’s Point Of View, It’s Perfect

$30 per night

Cats In Our Care Are Made To Feel At Home With Bedroom-Style Cat
Rooms With Wall-Walkers, Scratchers, Ladders And More.

“Our dogs feel right at home,
either hanging out on a couch or playing
in the enormous back yard.